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Deforestation in Brazil's tropical Cerrado savanna, which makes up a quarter of the country, fell 11 percent to a record low in 2018 compared with a year earlier, the Ministry of Environment said in a statement on Tuesday. Its the boldest piece of political outerwear since, you know, that other coat.
Jovan Hill, 25, dropped out of college and is unemployed. So how does he pay for his Brooklyn apartment and marijuana habit? His social media followers chip in. Caryn James reviewed Die Hard for The New York Times on July 15, 1988. Read the original review.
ORee, 83, the leagues first black player, is being honored not just for the historical significance of his career, but also for his decades of working with young players all over North America.
In We Begin in Gladness, the poet and critic Craig Morgan Teicher considers poets from W.S. Merwin to francine j. harris, in light of changes in their language and their influence on one another. The, named Footwork Productions Limited, should have filed accounts three months ago, and has been served a compulsory warning (pictured are the Beckhams at the Fashion Awards on Monday). A new proposal would threaten waterways and drinking-water supplies. Fully autonomous cars are years away, but its the automobile where artificial intelligence could have a critical role for the greatest number of people. Our top photos from the last 24 hours.
Linda Kelsey first began experiencing impostor syndrome after becoming a features editor in 1978. She spoke to other successful women who say an inner voice causes them to self-doubt.

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