Premixes - UTS


Premixes are homogeneous blends of different vitamins and/or minerals on the base of a food carrier, customized to specific enrichment tasks.

Sugar (sucrose, glucose, lactose), starch, maltodextrin and other inert food materials are used as a carrier. Choice of the carrier depends on the type of the main component of the enriched product, as well as on conservation requirements and convenience of adding and mixing.

Application of ready-made premixes significantly facilitates development and production of enriched beverages or products, helps avoid possible mistakes and wrong combinations while working out formulas.

Benefits of using premixes:
  • Balanced composition
  • Reduced risk of errors and guarantee of stable quality of finished products (physicochemical and microbiological parameters)
  • Facilitation of quality control
  • Decreased requirements for manpower and warehouse area for storage of ingredients
  • Reduced costs on weighting phase due to decrease in requirements for skilled operating personnel because of no need to weight all the ingredients separately
  • Easier transportation
  • Application of ready-made premixes with formula, guaranteed by DSM, allows controlling the enrichment process by monitoring just one or two components of the premix, while adding the components separately would have required monitoring distribution of each one of them

We offer a wide variety of standard and custom premixes, produced by DSM, for enriching different groups of food products: baby food, soft drinks and juices, milk and dietary products, pastry and confectionery, meat products, etc.

Premix formulas include all necessary ingredients in safe dosage and ensure conservation of premixes both during food production and later during the conservation stage of finished products.