Starter Cultures

Starter Cultures

A fermentation starter is a necessary component for preparation of dairy products and cheese. The biggest part of transformations in milk during the fermentation process depends on features and activity of the microbiological starter.

Benefits of using starter cultures by DSM:
  • Wide portfolio
  • Efficient fermentation
  • High phage resistance
  • Stable fermentation with constant productivity
  • Providing balanced taste during the whole shelf life, and even after it ends
  • From 2 to 5 rotations per culture
  • Various dosage packages
  • Free samples

Starter cultures for production of all types of dairy products are divided in the following product groups:


DELVO-TEC® is a range of starter cultures with guaranteed activity for dairy products and all kinds of cheese, providing an exact duration of fermentation and efficient, stable and controllable acidity development.


DELVO-TAM® is a series of starter cultures for production of sour cream and sour cream products, which contains exopolysaccharides producing strains, providing thick, dense and homogeneous structure of products, as well as tender creamy taste and flavor, especially benefiting low fat sour creams.


DELVO-YOG® is a series of starter cultures with guaranteed activity for preparation of all types of yogurts, including ferments for traditional, classical, Greek and soft yogurt.


DELVO-FRESH® is a range of starter cultures for production of cottage cheese and other fresh fermented dairy products. This line includes cultures with unique features that allow improvements of homogeneity, creamy structure and product output.


DELVO-CHEESE® is a range of starter cultures for production of cheese:

  • a line for semi-hard (continental) cheeses, providing good product output and taste profile at optimal cost, fast and stable decrease of pH, enhanced taste and balanced flavor;
  • a line for Swiss cheese of standard quality (with typical soft, clean, nutty taste with fruit notes) or high quality (with excellent rounded, balanced and a little bit sweet taste);
  • a line for mozzarella, pasta filata cheeses, that provides consistent and accelerated acidification;
  • a line for cottage cheese, providing longer freshness, high quality curd grains, stable, constant and fast fermentation, stability.


DELVO-ADD® is a range of starter cultures, specially selected for adding specific flavors and/or texture to different types of fermented dairy products and cheeses.


DELVO-GUARD® is a range of cultures for direct insertion in milk or cream as bioprotection together with starter cultures during traditional fermentation technology. Inhibiting features of bioprotecting cultures are:

  • generating antimicrobical metabolites, such as specific peptides, bacteriocins and organic acids;
  • competition for space and such nutrients as carbon, nitrogen and sources of phosphate.