Business Goals - UTS Group


Improving quality of your products

Our business is based on the concept that only quality products can be competitive on the modern market. And you cannot produce a quality product with poor ingredients. That is why we offer our clients only ingredients from proven manufacturers with established reputation on international market, leaders of their fields and industries. Our products fully comply with Russian and international quality standards, which is confirmed by long-term cooperation with largest food companies in Russia and CIS.

In addition to high-quality ingredients we offer our clients a full scope technological support, contributing to the quality of the final product and its competitive position on the market.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of ready for use technological solutions, possible to be implemented in shortest time. Moreover, we are working closely with our partners on improving our products, constantly monitoring effectiveness of their implementation in production.

Cost reduction

In the modern market competitive cost level is one of the major KPI’s of an effective business. That is why we devote a lot of attention to the ways of decreasing costs by our clients while maintaining the optimal price/quality balance.

We offer a range of products and technologies for decreasing production costs associated with primary and auxiliary raw materials. Implementation of such technologies can cut expenses whereas preserving the quality of end products.

Besides technological support, we offer our clients a number of financial, logistics and operational services, which helps us to retain fair prices on our products and reduce your costs.

Increase of product output

Product output is an important KPI of a production. Food industry has seasonal trends; hence at some periods production equipment is not fully utilized, while at other periods – overloaded, still not satisfying completely the demand. We understand this and offer our clients solutions that help them reduce the manufacturing waste of raw materials and, therefore, increase product output and efficiency of production equipment.

In most cases such optimization doesn’t require modernization of the equipment, but simply using high-technology raw materials and ingredients in the manufacturing process.

We believe that technological solutions for cutting costs and increasing product output are the key steps in increasing efficiency of food producers.

Taste enhancement

Taste is the main factor affecting consumer food preferences. Deep and intensive, but at the same time organic and natural flavor is what makes your product attractive to the customer.

Therefore, our work is based on market surveys, analysis of consumer preferences and trends. The main goal is to adjust international producers to local peculiarities of the Russian market (very often taste preferences in Europe and Asia differ from the ones in Russia) and at the same time offer our customers only highest-quality, most relevant and recent products that will be demanded by the market.

We sincerely care that the final product, made with our ingredients, will meet expectations and requirements of consumers.

Variety of formulas

The world is always changing. And so are consumer preferences and technological potential of the food industry. The modern key to success is in constant search for new solutions, something more interesting and promising.

Our laboratories in cooperation with technology departments of our partners are constantly working on developing and implementing new formulas both for optimization of using raw materials and for final products.

In addition to a variety of standard sets of ingredients we strive to offer our customers new solutions that could help their products be different and stand out from the crowd.

Depending on customer requests, we can either offer ingredients for an already existing formula or suggest a new recipe, based on studies of customer preferences.