30 Years! - UTS Group

WE ARE 30!

Dear colleagues, our business partners! Dear friends!

In 2023 UTS Group of Companies celebrates its 30th anniversary. On the one hand, it is not too long a period, on the other hand, it is not too little. Our company was founded in 1993 and it was the time when Russia had just started writing its new political and economic history. These were disastrous and hard times. It was extremely difficult to set up and develop any new business in Russia at that time. However, our company worked in a very dynamic and proactive way, overcame all difficulties and obstacles, progressed and developed, expanded the geography of its presence and enlarged our spheres of interest, successfully got over the crisis of 1998 and 2008. At present UTS Group of companies remains an acknowledged leader in beer ingredients supplies which are always accompanied by a high level technological and scientific support, as well as in raw materials supplies for soft drinks, low alcohol drinks, dairy products, snacks, meat industry, we also supply high quality chemical detergents and disinfectants for food industry in Russia, as well as in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

We are very active in developing new business projects, always promote innovative technologies for various segments of food industry. We always remain one of the key players on the market for food industry raw materials and technologies. We are grateful to all our key business partners in different countries, as well as in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries. Our numerous successes will never be possible without our partners’ active participation in all our projects. Our sincere thanks to all our partners!!! We are very proud of our achievements and celebrate our jubilee with a lot of optimism and confidence! We would like to congratulate all our team members with the 30th anniversary of UTS Group! We wish every kind of success and flourishing to all our partners! UTS Group Board of Directors