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UTS Group started its activity in 1993 as a supplier of various ingredients for soft drinks. Since 1995 we supply ingredients for brewing industry. In 1998 UTS Group signed a parntership agreement with Wigol (Germany) and launched distribution of cleaning and disinfecting agents for food production equipment.

Our portfolio contains all the key ingredients for brewing, soft drinks and beverages production, dairy products, snacks, meat industry, for food equipment cleaning and disinfection. We also offer a full range of the required sanitary-technical documents.

UTS Group is an authorized distributor on the Russian Federation market of Kerry Flavours & Food Ingredients (Ireland), DSM Food Specialties B.V. (the Netherlands), PQ Corporation (US), Wigol (Germany), DDWilliamson (UK). We also have a long – term cooperation with John Barth & Sohn (Germany).

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Dear colleagues, our business partners! Dear friends! In 2018 UTS Group of Companies celebrated its 25th anniversary. On the one hand, it is not too long a period, on the other hand, it is not too little. Our company was founded in 1993 and it was the time when Russia had just started writing its new political and economic history. These were disastrous and hard times. It was extremely difficult to set up and develop any new business in Russia at that time. However, our company worked in a very dynamic and proactive way, overcame all difficulties and obstacles, progressed and developed, expanded the geography of its presence and enlarged our spheres of interest, successfully got over the crisis of 1998 and 2008.

We are very grateful to all our key business partners in different countries, as well as in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries.

Our numerous successes will never be possible without our partners’ active participation in all our projects. Our sincere thanks to all our partners!!!

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Corporate Code of Conduct

Кодекс корпоративной этики и антикоррупционной политики разработан в целях укрепления деловой репутации Группы Компаний «UTS Group», содействия честному и этичному ведению бизнеса, предотвращения злоупотреблений и нарушений законодательства.

Кодекс содержит стандарты и требования Компании в области соблюдения этических и деловых принципов и норм, и не является исчерпывающим. В тех случаях, когда применимо действующее законодательство, законодательные принципы являются приоритетными. Кодекс определяет правила взаимоотношений Компании с акционерами, органами власти, физическими и юридическими лицами.




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Our business is based on the concept that only quality products can be competitive on the modern market. And you cannot produce a quality product with poor ingredients. That is why we offer our clients only ingredients from proven manufacturers with established reputation on international market, leaders of their fields and industries. Our products fully comply with Russian and international quality standards, which is confirmed by long-term cooperation with largest food companies in Russia and CIS.

In addition to high-quality ingredients we offer our clients a full scope technological support, contributing to the quality of the final product and its competitive position on the market.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of ready for use technological solutions, possible to be implemented in shortest time. Moreover, we are working closely with our partners on improving our products, constantly monitoring effectiveness of their implementation in production.

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119021, Moscow, Rossolimo st., 7
tel.: +7 (499) 255 36 00, 246 05 02 +7 (499) 246 26 51

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