Ingredients For Beverages And Brewing - UTS Group


For brewing professionals we offer:

  • A set of ingredients “The Brewer’s Set”TM, that includes highly effective beer quality enhancers

  • Formulas and technologies from the best world practices

  • Technological support of beer production

Ingredients from “The Brewer’s Set”TM and our services have a proven track record of successful work on leading breweries of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.


We help our independent craft breweries to explore new and original flavors, while using traditional beer stabilization technologies:

  1. Beer stabilizers, enzymes and other technological ingredients that are widely used by traditional international beer producers – “The Brewer’s Set”TM by UTS Group.
  2. Aromas and flavors solutions by Kerry that will help you create beer with new exceptional taste and quality, and stand out from other breweries:
    • amyloglucosidase enzyme for production of a new type of craft beer Brute IPA (dry beer). Learn more>>
    • natural hop extracts for creating your IPA and APA beers;
    • natural alcohol-free aromas of hard liquors (whisky, bourbon) to create stouts with intensive taste;
    • wide variety of non-alcoholic fruit flavors and purees for brewing  beer with fruit taste – beermixes.

We can provide samples upon your request.

Minimum order quantity – 20kgs.


Our department of ingredients for beverage production offers wide variety of flavors and technological ingredients for any kind of beverages from the world’s best suppliers. Our portfolio consists of more than 1000 flavors, at least 200 of which we always have in stock. Depending on types of produced drinks, the flavors are divided into 3 groups:

Even though the variety of beverages in Russian and world markets is very high, new types and brands continue to appear each year. We follow all current technological trends of the industry; our technologists will develop new exclusive drinks according to your specifications, register the formula and prepare all the necessary technical documentation. Our beverages department will also provide all required technological support during the production phase, quality control, selecting and supplying additional materials.

Our Moscow warehouse is ready to supply the following high quality ingredients for beverage production:

  • sweeteners;
  • plant extracts;
  • cream and dairy bases;
  • juices and juice compounds;
  • vitamin premixes;
  • technological ingredients;
  • colorants;
  • acidity regulators and preservatives;
  • thickeners and stabilizers;
  • taste enhancers and cloud systems;
  • foam stabilizers and surface agents;
  • energy drinks active ingredients.

Our specialists keep track of the current world trends in beverage production and consumption, they will provide you with all necessary ingredients for functional drinks, drinks with additional health benefits and special beverages (e.g. energy drinks). We supply such innovative products as amino acid premixes and soluble fibers, used for production of a wide range of functional drinks for athletes, as well as for people leading healthy lifestyle, lose some weight or improve their health.