Enzymes - UTS


Enzymes are protein biological catalysts that greatly accelerate chemical reactions in the digestive systems. Enzymes for food industry are extracted from organs and tissues of farm animals, cultivated plants (pineapple, soy, papaya, fig) and special strains of microorganisms.


FROMASE® is a microbial coagulant (endopeptidase), produced from the selected strain of fungus Rhizomucor miehei. The range includes products with different levels of thermolability, degrees of coagulation, available in both liquid and granulated versions. The whole line is kosher and halal certified, benzoate-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Product line:

– FROMASE® 2200 TL, a granulated microbial coagulant;

– FROMASE® 750 XLG, highly purified liquid coagulant;

– FROMASE® 220 XL, liquid microbial coagulant.

Benefits of using FROMASE over working with other enzymes:
  • No unwanted protease activities
  • No carbohydrate-breaking enzymes
  • No risk of unwanted activities in whey
  • No GMO ingredients in materials
  • No allergens in material (e.g. soy)
  • No preservatives


MAXIREN® is a range of chymosin enzymes produced by fermentation of milk yeast Kluveromyces lactis.

Product line:

– Maxiren® 180 – a liquid chymosin;

– Maxiren® 600 – a liquid chymosin;

– Maxiren® 1800 – a granulated fermentation coagulant.

Benefits of using MAXIREN:
  • Cheese texture is maintained over the whole shelf life
  • Doesn’t contain preservatives
  • Provides more efficient milk coagulation
  • Improves product output and taste profile
  • The whole range is kosher and halal certified
  • Benzoate-free
  • Suitable for vegetarians


ACCELERZYME® is a cheese ripening enzyme. This unique enzyme creates intense taste and homogeneous texture in cheese by providing balanced and accelerated breakdown of proteins during ripening. Accelerzyme contains thoroughly selected carboxypeptidase that releases C-terminal amino acids of proteins and peptides without affecting the coagulation process.

Benefits of using ACCELERZYME:
  • Provides the development of stable, well balanced taste and intense cheese flavor
  • Accelerates ripening time
  • Reduces bitterness and unwanted tastes in the product
  • Increases product output