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Yeast Extracts

Yeast extracts is a natural product, dissoluble in water and fats, produced from baking yeast by autolysis or enzymic hydrolysis.

Yeast extract is a valuable nutrient ingredient, containing protein, high level of group B vitamins, microelements and unique amino acids, which are part of requirements by FAO/WHO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN/World Health Organisation) for highly nutritious food products.

Yeast extract doesn’t contain live cells and, therefore, destructed yeast cannot cause digestive disorder or disbacteriosis. It is not accumulated in the body, cannot be allergenic or toxic.

With the help of yeast extracts and reaction flavorings you can solve different technological tasks, such as:

  • optimization of material utilization, reduction of costs;
  • covering of undesirable off-notes in the final product (greasiness, taste of MSM, etc.);
  • enhance natural taste;
  • increase attractiveness of the product;
  • creating a taste profile (meat, chicken, cheese, etc.).

Benefits of yeast extracts:
  • Complex of essential amino acids and flavors, similar to meat
  • High level of natural glutamic acid and nucleotides
  • 100% efficiency of gustatory components
  • Create rich complex meat taste
  • Non-allergenic, completely natural product
  • Thermostable, without volatile components. Provide stable taste during the whole shelf live

We offer the following taste solutions for your production:

  1. Flavor base yeast extracts.
  2. Reaction flavors – flavorings on the basis of yeast extracts that underwent Maillard Reaction.
  3. Yeast extracts for natural taste enhancement.
  4. Taste compounds, based on yeast extracts and reaction flavors.

1. Taste foundation
(basic savory taste)

Gistex is a product line of yeast extracts that helps build savory taste foundation and aftertaste of the product:

  • Gistex Standard;
  • Gistex XII – premium class;
  • Gistex  XII Low Sodium – premium class with low salt content;
  • Gistex Low Sodium – with low salt content;
  • Gistex HUM Low Sodium – with 9% of natural glutamic acid and low salt level.

Multirome is a range of yeast extracts with spicу rich indulgent savory and umami flavor:

  • Multirome – 2,5% of natural nucleotides;
  • Multirome Low Sodium – with low salt level and 2,5% of natural nucleotides.

Flavor carrier, produced from cell walls of yeast.

  • Basetex – harmonizes flavor profiles, intensifies savory taste profiles, provides fullness and mouthfeel.

2. Taste direction
(adding specific taste characteristics), reaction flavorings.

Maxavor is a range of reaction flavorings, that underwent Maillard reaction:

  • Maxavor YBX – flavor of rich meat soup with a beef taste direction;
  • Maxavor RYE A – flavor of thoroughly roast meat;
  • Maxavor RYE B – delicate flavor of roast beef;
  • Maxavor RYE BB – taste of boiled beef;
  • Maxavor RYE C – flavor of roast/baked chicken;
  • Maxavor RYE ВC – flavor of boiled chicken;
  • Maxavor RYE D – delicate taste of roast pork;
  • Maxavor RYE T –delicate flavor of roast beef with baked tomato.

Maxavor Key’s – a range of concentrated reaction flavors:

  • Maxavor Key Roast ASX-H – flavor of well-roasted meat;
  • Maxavor Key Roast AX- H – flavor of roast meat;
  • Maxavor Key Roast CRKX-H – rich roast flavor;
  • Maxavor Key White Meat DX-H – flavor of roast pork;
  • Maxavor Key Chicken CX-H – flavor of roast chicken;
  • Maxavor Key Beef BX-H – flavor of roast beef;
  • Maxavor Key Boiled Chicken CX-H – flavor of boiled chicken;
  • Maxavor Key Boiled Beef BX-H – flavor of boiled beef;
  • Maxavor Key Tomato TX-H – flavor of baked tomato with meat.

Brewers’ yeast extract with low sodium level and aged cheese flavor, extends cream and umami aftertaste in sauces.

  •  Expresa 2200 S Powder.

3. Taste enhancement
(improving taste separation)

Maxarome is a range of yeast extracts with high level of nucleotides, which provide mouthfeel and strong umami effect.

Depending on the level of nucleotides, the range is represented by the following products:

  • Maxarome Standard – 3 % of natural nucleotides;
  • Maxarome Plus – 6 % of natural nucleotides;
  • Maxarome Plus Low Sodium (with low salt level) – 6 % of natural nucleotides;
  • Maxarome Select – 12 % of natural nucleotides;
  • Maxarome Select XF – 14 % of natural nucleotides;
  • Maxarome Pure – 20 % of natural nucleotides;
  • Maxarome Nikomi – 8,5 % of natural nucleotides , Kokumi taste

4. Mixed and reaction flavorings
on the base of yeast extracts.

  • Plantex CBA 31 – with bacon flavor and aroma;
  • Plantex BST 111 – with flavor of meat broth;
  • GB Select F-104 – adds intense meat taste (mix of Gistex Standard and Maxavor® YBX);
  • Maxagusto G-28 – flavor and aroma of fried garlic;
  • Maxagusto O-31 – flavor and aroma of fried onion.