Preservatives for Food Industry

Preservatives for Food Industry


DelvoCid+ is a water solution with an active component Natamycin that doesn’t precipitate and efficiently works against all known yeasts and molds.

Benefits of using DelvoCid+:
  • Fights with mold
  • Extends shelf life
  • Improves quality of produced food
  • Reduces waste
  • Significantly reduces returns of finished products
  • 100% utilization of Natamycin
  • Easy to use
  • Different application options (dipping or spraying)
  • Elimination of human factor from mold protection works
  • Doesn’t affect ripening process (cheese, fermented sausage)


DelvoZyme is a liquid solution of Lysozyme.

Benefits of using DelvoZyme:
  • Reduces risks of poor quality of cheese
  • Prevents late blowing in semi-hard and hard cheeses
  • Extends shelf life

DelvoNis N

DelvoNis N is a natural antibacterial peptide (main active component – Nisin) effective against heat-resistant gram-positive sporogenous bacteria.

Benefits of using DelvoNis N:
  • Fights gram-positive sporogenous bacteria
  • Improves organoleptic properties
  • Extends shelf life of finished products (pasteurized milk, fermented dairy products, soft cheeses, cream cheeses, beverages, dressings, sauces, sausages, etc.)